We are always on a hunt for new things, be it technology or science, we like the new thinking that gets discovered in our way of discovery. Billions of gadgets and sensors are right now implanted in regular articles from cars, to structures and extensions. Family unit things like toasters and coolers, things of attire, and even parts of our bodies are being associated with the web.

Together with our collaborators, we always reinforce our position as advancement pioneer in our industry.  By understanding urbanization, concentrating on enhancements for individuals and envisioning the necessities and opportunities for individuals – that we can create innovation which will help enhance structures and improve our urban community’s spots to live in.

Furthermore, as new environments rise around smarter urban areas and buildings, there is an enormous potential for the combination of building plan with lifts, elevators, administrations and different utilities, in the most feasible ways that could be available.

The need to oversee, comprehend and examine steady surges of information is the main thrust behind the meeting up of two industry pioneers to make and enhance administrations for Escon's clients and end customers.

Escon’s Elevator:

Our elevators are the perfect solution for most appealing high-rise buildings. They are mechanized by the energy-efficient motors that offer high-quality comfort ride.

Escalator Modernization:

A creative and orderly approach to replace or repair the entire escalator is what we provide. The arrangement conveys spic and span innovation without costly and problematic truss expulsion. The arrangement additionally decreases the vitality utilization and working expenses of the new and introduced gear.

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