Hotels are classiest buildings. They represent for luxurious accommodation for people coming from outstation. Therefore they need smooth operation along with beautiful elevators like observation elevators which we provide and that is perfect for the hotel industry. Apart from observation elevators, passenger elevators and parking system are required in the hotel industry for smooth functioning and movement of traffic.

Escon takes care all of the essential requirements and perfectly design the product to handle the high traffic and helps in cut downing long waiting times. We provide best artistic taste in designing and customizing the products catering the important needs of the hotel industry.  Hotel elevators provide total access to control system to keep the job at best in the hotel premises.  Privacy and security are utmost important while dealing with the hotel industry and we assure you that our service provided to the clients in consideration of these factors. 

Hotel guests spend their most of the times outdoor and after that, they need relaxing place to chill out or take rest; hence hotels have to be efficient while providing the services or accommodation to the guest. Here at Escon, we keep in mind all of these points to provide you better products to fit the essence of your hotel. Be it any kind of three-story hotel or luxury one, our variety of elevators and escalators will satisfy you to the core. 

We don’t compromise on technology and esthetics designs and so we have professional engineers to take care of your business. We not only concentrate on our provisions but also see that it supports the environment by using energy saving modes to increase energy efficiency with maximization of transport capacity.


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