Escon has huge varieties to serve you in terms of escalators and elevators for a different industry.  We also serve the marine industry for luxury cruise ships, yachts, and ferries. We create a special solution as per requirement for marine installations and to meet your aesthetic standards of ship industry.

In cruise and ship industry designs are considered an important feature for an elevator. The demand for the unique product is always there when it comes to perfect travel experience as it should match the theme of the vessel.

Our experts’ works best to deliver you a value-added solution for the transport industry. We meet the artistic value and maintenance expectations with fully tailored elevators. Our solutions combine high-quality materials and trained engineers to take care of the services and products. With the specifications like escape routes and materials for fireproofing and cables required for your need you will have an end to end solution from our end. Our engines are powerful; rooms are reliable and protected from water, dust, and corrosion.

Like all other products, our elevators designed for the marine purpose are optimized and carried out for smooth, authentic operation.

  • Safety points, emergency switches and other visual and auditory alarms.
  • Fireproof doors licensed and approved by marine authorities.
  • Special fire alarms are installed for passenger’s safety by stopping the access to the motor room in case of fire or gas leakage.

We manufacture and give marine elevators for all the use you are looking for like the variety of vessels. We assure you that through the use of high-quality technology and services you will be never disappointed in us.

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