Geared Modernization

Geared modernization saves your time, costs and energy. Escon replace your Direct current hoist motor to Alternating current while reusing and cleaning your existing machine which includes sheaves, gears, and bedplates. We can improve the authenticity and performance of your existing geared traction lift.

When it comes to the elevator there are different options available in the market. Over the years technology evolved and we have options in varieties also. A geared machine is well designed in such a way that the drive sheave is attached to the engine through a gear train. Power from the engine is transferred to the drive sheave through reduction gears. The geared traction elevator is more prone to depreciation than the gearless elevators. The machines have a bronze spiral worm gear attached to the lift motor which drives a bronze ring gear. These gears entangle at very tight grit.

In geared elevator the designs, a gearbox is found connected to the motor that is used to operate the wheel. Talking about the speed they are able to travel at speeds of 500 feet per minute, with a minimum travel distance of 250 feet.

Installation is cheaper; for example, those in private buildings and low traffic business applications used a single or two speed AC lift machine solitary or two speed AC lift machine. The widespread reaching accessibility of lower-cost solid state AC drives has permitted limitlessly variable speed AC engines to be used generally; carrying with it the benefits of old engine generator based systems, without the penalties regarding proficiency and multifaceted nature.

Geared elevators are critical to maintain due to its tolerance level and if bearings fail or wears out. This wear causes pitting, heat, rumbling, friction and unwanted noise. Many times gear wear develops machine speed has to be decreased to avoid more damage. Therefore when considering a modernization replacement of geared machines is rather common. More reliable models can be re-fixed to like-new operations. When considering a modernization we will check the status of your machines and make suggestions for repairing or replacement as required.

Advantages geared traction elevators
  • You get the basement and overhead machine rooms.
  • It is cost effective and less expensive installation than gearless.
  • You get much speed i.e. it is faster than other product lines.
  • In comparison to the hydraulic system, you get smooth ride quality.
  • Accommodation of front and rear openings.
Best for:
  • Low to mid-rise buildings
  • Modernization and new constructions
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