Escon Elevators offer an extensive range of elevators for residential, commercial and industrial use. We help our customers to accurately define the particular elevator system which they require and ensure their choice meets their exact specifications.

We have substantial experience in specialised elevators, including elevators for hospitals and nursing homes, shopping centres and public buildings through to vehicle elevators and more.


Safety Guarantee

We take the safety of your building's occupants very seriously. All of our products from the largest service elevators to the smallest dumb waiters are all designed verified by the Authority. We will never under any circumstances sell a product to you that does not meet Standards.


Our Support

We offer the widest selection of the newest products, being manufacturer our products are delivered swiftly and efficiently wherever our customers are, with support from our sophisticated distribution and logistics networks.


Our Quality

Our wide range of products includes high quality, non-proprietary, stylish elevator systems, with low and high rise building capability. All our elevator systems and technological solutions are designed and tested thoroughly before it’s availed to market.

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