Awards and Recognition

Awards and  Recognition

We at Escon believe in rewarding and awarding system. We reward our employees monthly basis for performance of the month and annually have awarding ceremony to recognize the hard work and input of our team to give the successful services. Awarding boosts and encourages employees to perform better and give a better output. Recognizing some one’s hard work will definitely encourage the quality of input.

Our Awarding System:

Best Employee Award Annually: When an employee works hard throughout the year and consistently performs well in all directions, we award him / her with “Best Employee of the Year” Award.

Best Performance:  Performing persistently everyday no matter what goes on is recognized well at Escon by presenting “Best Performance” Award.

Best Team Motivator: In an organization, there’s this one person who keeps motivating when the time is tough or smooth. Every organization need motivator that never gives up on whatsoever the situation is. We at Escon Award such employee as “Best Team Motivator”.

Annual Cricket Tournament Award: With recreation activities at Escon, we do have Annualy Cricket Tournament. Throughout the series or tournament we have categories to award for excellence in playing.