People Development

People Development

At Escon people are the most valuable asset. Because of its people Escon stands today where it is. We take pride in our employees that keep our business together.  Whether it is customer or people working at Escon each one is valuable to us for being the best in the market. 

We appreciate the fact that we have a team of talented, inventive and energetic individuals and therefore we care about their growth and development. Henced, we have prepared programs to constantly train and develop their skills. We support and encourage constant learning of our employees. 

Building a business through natural development, as opposed to acquisitions, requests a considerable measure from its staff. At Escon we completely comprehend this and are energetic about building up our kin. We take a capable and groundbreaking way to deal with preparing, by giving viable preparing programs that assistance keeps up and enhance information, abilities and shared qualities. We additionally empower scholastic and professional capabilities that will improve and help vocation movement.

We provide financial resources to help individual development. We have Employee Scholar Program which will give tuition reimbursement for eligible employees at proper colleges and universities.  Special development programs are custom made to a variety of fields.

We have a pleasant atmosphere to work, learn and grow. The company gives various training on different subjects to the staff to keep updated about latest technology and management practices. We have in-house training programs that provide an opportunity to unleash their hidden potential and finding out their talent which will be beneficial for both organizations as well the employees. We also give the opportunity for Learning and Development which gives required ‘behavioral’, soft skills, sales, technical knowledge to the employees.

Escon is focused on its people's advancement, empowering strengthening in every aspect of our business, in this manner guaranteeing their occupations are invigorating, satisfying and imperatively charming. We trust the Escon culture of devotion, polished methodology and desire to succeed, is found in the greater part of our people who thusly, are our benefits that get things going for our clients.

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