Dumbwaiter Elevator

Dumbwaiter Elevator

Elevators with small carriage to carry objects rather than people, Whether you need to send foodstuff or laundry up and down the stairs without making an effort to climb or descent which can quickly tire anybody, so with this elevator you can simply place what needs to be carried in the dumbwaiter and press the button to send it or down stairs. They are most often built into or adjoining to a wall. 

A simple structure is a movable framework in a cylinder, dropped by a rope on a pulley, guided by rails; most dumbwaiters have a pole, car, and smaller in capacity than those of passenger lifts, generally 100 to 1000 lbs

We offer a variety of solutions for goods-carrying lifts i.e. dumb waiter lift. Its applications include hotels, libraries, hospitals, and wherever small quantities of goods are to be moved to different floors.

This lift moves at speeds ranging from 0.25 to 0.50 meters per second and handles weight from 100 Kg to 250 Kg. Automated dumb waiters are fast and comes with reduced noise level. Control frameworks of E. D. W. are chosen on a number of floors to be regulated and the intensity of service. Additional highlights like auto area indicators, sound/visual signs to announce the arrival of the service car can be included.

Dumbwaiters are reasonable for lifting light weights and can be utilized as a part of eateries, flasks, kitchens, libraries, clinics and banks.

There are two types of dumbwaiter elevator.

Residential:  Residential dumbwaiters are used for residential purpose which clearly defines from the name. From groceries to laundry anything you can send using this elevator.

Commercial: Commercial dumbwaiters are designed for non-passenger transportation for lifting medical and legal stuffs, food, carts, groceries or laundry etc.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce  any back body injuries.
  • Centralize organization and workflow
  • Time saver by avoiding frequent trips for supplies & equipment
  • Reduces chances of accidents
  • Cost saving for laborers
  • Eye catching designs that perfectly fits with your existing decor
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