Goods Elevator

Goods Elevator

Hercules freight elevators are fully customized and designed to handle any load up to 100kg to 10 ton. Our flexible design and manufacturing process, allows us to adjust the specs of the lift cabin according to any project requirements.

Heavy duty car and landing finishes are available for every day loading and unloading by all means of goods transportation. These are used for lifting heavy and light material which are fitted with shutters and installed with hoists, push buttons and switches. Specially designed for various industrial applications, these lifts are renowned for optimum performance and negligible maintenance.

When it comes to elevating heavy goods, Escon Elevators’ lifts are reliable one. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of best quality goods lift in India. The goods lifts at our state-of-the-art manufacturing centre are designed to meet all quality norms and international parameters so that our clients’ works don’t get interrupted due to any quality drawbacks in manufacturing.

Leading in this industry, we are providing to our clients excellent quality Goods Lift. The provided goods lift is offered in various finishes and other related requirements as per specifications defined by our clients. Aided by a unique aspect, our goods lift is widely cherished among our clients. Also, we pack our goods lift in strong quality packaging material to prevent any kind of damage during transportation

Not like passenger lifts, these lifts work at significantly reduced speeds. Prescribed speeds ranging from 15 to 25 meters per minute. Higher speed raises the running expenses. Most of the time these types of lift uses self-automated control system or fully steering. The lift-cabin is intended to withstand the heaviest load traffic.

Appropriate protection at the passageway is given as per requirements. This extends from swing type, 6 total gates and M. S. channeling for Auto Doors. All safety gears, required under the Indian Factory Act, are given in the lifts. The newly Two Speed telescopic type gates, working with electric door administrators can be given.

This Series of Elevators is brought in to cater to the Vertical Travel Needs of the Goods in different Industries. The Elevators in this series are made in a way to provide strong transport, efficient energy, and quick transportation. These Lifts may be used to carry a different type of Material like Raw material or Finished Goods in different types of surroundings. We offer Lifts for safe as well as for uncertain areas where fireproof elevators are required.

We have various features and options both for the interiors as well as for the different fixtures which result in quality performance. These Series come fitted with quality parts which boost the life and decrease the downtime.


Flame Proof / Weather Proof Elevators: We also Manufacture Freight Elevators for Special applications which require flameproofing and weatherproofing such as Group II A and Group II B areas.

Modern Fittings: This Series of Elevator is fitted with Flat Panel LED lights in the Cabin, Modern Push Buttons, and Scrolling Dot Matrix Led indicator for Direction, Seven Segment Position Indicators.

Blue Energy Drive (Regenerative Drive): The Regenerative drive Feeds energy to the grid instead of to heating the braking resistor. This unit makes clean power with low harmonic contortion. This Power can be utilized by different lifts or electrical gear.

Geared Traction Machine: We use accuracy made geared traction machines to serve the lift business. This machine uses AC Induction Motor and Worm Wheel Reduction Gear Box. These Machines are made for Long life and toughness. The High-Quality Lubricant used to expand the Life of the Machine.

VVVF Drive:The VVVF Drive used as a part of the Elevator Results in Smooth Start and Smooth Stop of the Elevator guaranteeing comfortable feeling. This drive reduces the utilization up to 30% and furthermore builds the life of the Equipment.

Control Panel: The Down Collective Control Panel utilizes a rational method to gather the Passenger while moving in the direction of travel in this way lessening power utilization and waiting time. The Controller alongside VVVF Drives lessens control utilization and saves time.

Fittings: This Series of Elevator is fitted with Flat Panel LED lights in the Cabin, Modern Push Buttons, Scrolling Dot Matrix Led signal for Direction, Seven Segment Position Indicators.
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