Stretcher Elevator

Stretcher Elevator

Escon Cura Hospital elevator range is primarily for moving stretchers with patients up and down in a hospital.  The Cura range comes with ergonomic design and appropriate dimensions to accommodate patients on stretchers or wheelchairs, critical medical equipment and medical staff.  These elevators confirm to very high standards of safety and provide an ultra smooth motion for passengers and patients.

We are an acclaimed name occupied by offering our valuable customers a propelled quality combination of Hospital Lift. We provide hospital lift in various specification. This stretcher lift is generally requested in different nursing homes and healing centres for moving patients starting with one story then onto the next. Before final dispatches at our client's end, the offered stretcher lift is nearly assessed on a several quality parameters.

Escon is the reputed business that fabricates and supplies automated hospital Lifts.  Made by considering the standard set of business rules, the given choice is broadly used as a part of healing centres because of its exceptional space and clarity of operation. We are a main manufacturers and supplier of a major variety of Hospital Stretcher Lifts. These lifts are made using the most incomparable quality material and specifically intended to handle stretchers and wheelchairs. The lifts provided by us can handle bulk weight too. These lifts are produced manufactured under proper supervision.

The transportation system for  modern hospitals have special needs such as spacious & durable car, smooth & comfortable travel, accurate stop with critical control features with reliability and safety features. The car dimensions are as per the Indian Standard requirements for Hospital lifts.

We have efficiencyin producing a variety of stretcher lifts that can be fixed in a stretcher or medical equipment with no trouble. Main purpose of these lifts are used for hospital, modified as per client requirement, the better performance, and easy operation. These stretcher lifts are mostly bought for hospitals & nursing homes.

Hospital and Medical service Industry revolves around critical lifesaving activities which involves carrying patients to different floors for different reasons. For such emergency application, we provide you with strong designed elevator which can hold a standard hospital stretcher.

The stretcher elevator is made to lift the stretcher along with few persons. It is also made in such a way to carry bulky hospital equipment. It has a minimum carrying capacity of 15 Persons.

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