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Organizational Regulations

At Escon we follow an organizational and management structure. As per defined structure, each one reports to their head of the department or manager.

The Managing Director and CEO are in charge of guaranteeing that the objectives, plans, systems, and objectives set by the Board of Directors are completed inside the Escon association. Furthermore, the Managing Director and CEO are in charge of the agent initiative inside the extent of the key and agent designs, spending plans and activity designs affirmed by Escon Elevators. The President presents issues concerning the operations and is in charge of actualizing the choices of the Board.

The Company supports the Managing Director and CEO in executing the corporate system. The Company takes after business advancements, starts activities and defines operative standards and strategies as per rules passed on by the Managing Director and by the CEO.

From the top Managing Director delegates operations to CEO, Executive Secretary, and Senior R&D Engineering.

Under VP, Sr. GM carries out the operation for Business Development and marketing. Similarly, Branch Manager and other managerial level employee work under VP.

We have appointed committees to look after other departments and carry out different functions independently.