Modernization is all about updating and upgrading elevators.

Geared Elevator Modernization

Geared Elevator modernization saves your time, costs and energy. Escon replace your Direct current hoist motor to Alternating current while reusing and cleaning your existing machine which includes sheaves, gears, and bedplates. We can improve the authenticity and performance of your existing geared traction lift.

In geared elevator the designs, a gearbox is found connected to the motor that is used to operate the wheel. Talking about the speed they are able to travel at speeds of 500 feet per minute, with a minimum travel distance of 250 feet.

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Advantages geared traction elevators
  • You get the basement and overhead machine rooms.
  • It is cost-effective and less expensive installation than gearless.
  • You get much speed i.e. it is faster than other product lines.
  • In comparison to the hydraulic system, you get smooth ride quality.
  • Accommodation of front and rear openings.
Best for

Low to mid-rise buildings

Modernization and new constructions