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With rapid industrialization in the world, there is an increase in population and thereby cities are being populated rapidly. There is no proper development and parking facility provided systematically. There is a critical requirement for a safe, keen, productive and solid system which can be utilized for looking through the vacant parking facility, directions towards the parking facility, the bargaining of the parking fee, alongside the best possible management of the parking facility.


Capacity: 272 – 1768 kg

Travel Height: Up to 75 m

Stops: Max 25 stops

Speed: 0.70 m/s  – 2.5 m/s

Drive System: Machine room less,  MR

Group Sizes: Up to 8 cars

Entrances: One- or two-sided

The brilliant parking system executed for the most part in Europe, the United States and Japan is created with the consolidation of cutting edge advancements. And so with rising demand for parking spaces in India, we are providing a complete solution for your perfect requirements.

We at Escon provide a world class parking system for your elite infrastructure, to fit the specified requirement of our clients. Our delivery system runs on the smooth structure and timely delivery of our products is assured by us on all levels.


There are few advantages of using a car parking system for urban organizers, entrepreneurs, and vehicle drivers. They offer space for vehicle users and proficient usage of room for urban-based companies. This type of system saves time, money, space and simplify the tough job of parking. It also helps vehicles to move on the level to other through well protected and secured auto lifts. And can be easily accessible when needed.

  • Fully automated
  • Up to 50 cars can be can be parked in just 3 footprints of the car.
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Low operation cost
  • Expert System

There are two sorts of car parking system: traditional and automated. In the long haul, auto parking system is probably going to be more financially savvy in comparison to traditional parking structures. Automated multi-story car parking system is more affordable since they have a tendency to take less building volume and less ground space than a regular one with the same capacity.

Types of Parking we offer:

Stack Parking

This type of parking is usually preferred to double the space of ground or basement parking. They havea  horizontal lift system that carries the car into different levels. The framework utilizes cutting-edge servo drives and laser-based direction system. The common parking time is under 1 minute. Carts in each level optimize the parking and recovery time.

Based on the frequency, extra auto lifts can be given to speed up parking and retrieval. The framework is extremely secluded to suit the space  accessibility at site

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Puzzle Parking

Puzzle System is for ideal use of space on the ground. It is electromechanically planned to go vertically up to 7 levels and horizontally to as much space accessible on the ground.

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Tower Parking

Tower car parking, a lift parking framework with the vertical portion of parking rooms and vertical movement of lifts, is perfect to amplify parking in limit plots. In a space required just for 3 parking spaces, it can build the limit by up to 20 times.

We have completely automated parking option with a vertical allotment of parking areas and vertical movement of lifts is perfect to boost parking in limit plots.

In tower parking framework the central automated unit only moves vertical way. What’s more, it parks the car on the two sides. The best-preferred standpoint of the framework is that it can be built as attached to a current building without making any vibration or commotion to the main building.

Likewise, this module has a rotary mechanism at the base to pivot the car 180 degrees to drive the car specifically forward.

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Rotary Parking

We have substantial experience in specialised elevators, including elevators for hospitals and homes, shopping centres, public buildings through to vehicle elevators & more.

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